Broadway Slavic Village

Broadway Slavic Village

The Broadway Slavic Village  neighborhood is featured in GardenWalk 2021 on Sunday, July 11 ONLY, from 10am-5pm.

GardenWalk is an excellent time to explore Broadway Slavic Village’s unique pocket neighborhoods, gardens, public art and greenspace. Home gardens reflect neighborhood residents’ ingenuity, resiliency and creativity—from garden ponds and bees to carefully color-coordinated artificial flowers. Green spaces keep growing with the new Gold Plum-designed Gertrude Gardens, and John Paul II Heritage Garden.

Traditional organizations and events like Polish Constitution Day Parade, St Stan’s Church, Polish Cultural Center, Spanish-speaking mass at Our Lady of Lourdes, and Bohemian National Hall join with the millennial style Rooms to Let  art event and the Pierogi Dash 5K Run to highlight neighborhood’s reputation for quirky and openness.

With new bike lanes, Cleveland’s first ‘Complete and Green Street’ on Fleet, and close proximity to the Ohio & Erie Towpath, MillCreek Falls, and Garfield Reservation, exploring GardenWalk by bicycle is a good option.

Download a pdf of the map here.