Gardener Story: Sue Telecky


Every inch of Susan’s garden is occupied by a plant, stone, or water feature.  Much of the color is provided by the leaves of the different plants: lime green, silver grey, red, blue green. Sue has no lawn, even the tree lawn is covered by plants.  The back of the property, next to the garage, is shaded, dark and cool. Three white face masks provide a contrast to the dark green leaves and white flowers.  Sue has a beautiful koi pond in the sunnier area close to the house. The pond  is surrounded by perennials and lovely stone paths.  Japanese Painted ferns, hosta, huechera,  aruncus, astilbe and a beautiful lime green Japanese grass can be found throughout the shady areas in the garden including the front yard and tree lawn. This garden is a work of art with beautiful pairings of different shapes, colors and textures throughout.