Gardener Story: Rosana Lanese


 Rosana was 4 years old when she immigrated with her family from Italy. Gardening is in her genes. Her garden is small compared to the field in Italy where her parents grew wine grapes, grain and vegetables for their own meals, but the cold frame on the side of the driveway shows she is serious about growing vegetables. A romantic little path leads to an asparagus patch in the back. Two new apple trees are planted  in the backyard. In spring an exiting variety of tulips bloom in the front and side yard.

A coworker had told Rosana about the Larchmere neighborhood and in 1979 she moved there. Right away she fell in love with the neighborhood. Many people are out and about at all times and everything you could possibly need is available within walking distance, Downtown Cleveland and University Circle are only a bus or rapid ride away. The 1928 house is perfect for her home business and very manageable in size.

She moved a number of times, but Larchmere neighborhood is her place to stay.