Gardener Story: Rita Griffin

Rita Griffin

Rita moved to Cleveland as a child 48 years ago. She and her husband moved into his family’s home when their first child was 6 months old and they have lived here for almost 36 years. Rita discovered the pleasure of gardening 4 years ago and has been planning and planting ever since. She has created a number of garden “rooms” some with water features others dedicated to butterflies or birds. The garden around the side deck is for her husband who loves to sit on the deck with the sound of water nearby. Rita will be unveiling a new garden on Saturday June 25th dedicated to a very special person in her life. This is a secret so we will not reveal who the person is, but visitors can find out on the day. Rita is already planning another surprise for GardenWalk 2012!

Rita loves Cleveland because this is where all the important events of her life have occurred. She met and married her husband here and this is where they raised their four children. The neighborhood has always been stable and people treat each other with respect. Rita is looking forward to greeting visitors to her beautiful garden.