Gardener Story: Nancy McMillen


We met Nancy McMillen in her front garden, she was wearing gardener’s knee protectors and clearly in the process of tackling spring clean-up.   She related a long history of gardening in her family when growing up, moving to several locations around the Great Lakes Region and always putting in a vegetable garden.   They settled in Painesville in the 60’s, where Nancy finished high school.   She has been living in the Larchmere area for 15 years and slowly taming and developing this front yard garden.  

Nancy is an avid fan of this section of Cleveland, enjoying the variety of shops along Larchmere Blvd, the easy access to downtown, her job in mid town, University Circle, and the close knit community of this area.     Many of her neighbors are gardeners too, trading plants and helping each other with ideas and chores.