Gardener Story: Lisa Curran


Lisa has lived in this house, which was built in 1914, for the past 12 years. She loves this part of Slavic Village because the neighbors are friendly and look out for each other. Lisa was born in Long Island and moved several times as a child because of her father's job. She was 13 when her family came to Cleveland.

Brilliant blue hydrangeas grace the front of the house, which is shaded by an enormous oak tree. In the back Lisa has an outdoor eating area with a border of English and French lavendar to segregate the dogs from the space. Day lilies, Shasta Daisies and moon flowers grow along the fence and in the back of the lot Lisa plans to plant butterfly bushes to attract more butterflies to her garden. She loves to sit in the back and watch lightening bugs at night and butterflies in the day.