Gardener Story: Gardener Story: Charlie Reed-Mundell

back garden in Little Italy
Little Italy

A Blank Slate, A Trowel, and Lots of Work

When I bought my Civil War-era home at the edge of Little Italy in 2005, both house and yard were in need of love. Although there was just a small, mint-infested flowerbed in the front, I was delighted to have both side and back yards, more property than most homes in the neighborhood. I began with a small vegetable garden. On the side, I added bushes and perennials, vegetables and herbs and, much later, two separate patios divided by an arbor. In the back I added fence, patio and pergola, an arbor for the existing grapes, and a covered area for garden pots and tools. Soil was mounded into beds of perennials, herbs and vegetables, divided by foot paths. I planted for beauty, and to attract birds, butterflies and bees. Tree lawn grass gave way to in favor of Vinca and paving. Over the years I interspersed plenty of garden art, large and small. I placed a bird bath in each yard and sold the mower. It had become a garden.