Gardener Story: Debbie O'Malley

Old Brooklyn

When Old Brooklyn native Debbie O’Malley was ten years old, she spent the summer with her grandmother who had a huge, beautiful garden.  Debbie began her lifelong love of gardening that summer. She learned not only how to plant and weed a garden, but how to design one that was pleasing to the eye as well as relaxing and serene. 

Debbie and her grandmother believed that every garden should contain a bit of whimsy. You will find many hidden treasures throughout her gardens. She continues a tradition of winding gourds around the trees just as her grandmother did many years ago. Her gardens contain many inviting places for visitors to sit and enjoy a sense of peace and tranquility.

Fifteen years of gardening on 50th Street has offered Debbie a lot of enjoyment and given her the opportunity to meet many of her neighbors on the street.  Many of them help her when she is working in the garden.  Many more of them stop by to share the quiet of her sanctuary.  Her home is a gathering place for birds, butterflies, and people.

Her granddaughter Caitlyn and she have created a beautiful front garden with herbs, marigolds and zinnias.  I am sure if you ask they will gladly share the story behind the creation of this beautiful garden.

Debbie enjoys being a part of GardenWalk because she loves to entertain as well as share her gardens with others.  She believes that the best thing about gardening is sharing her spaces with others. Those of you who venture into her garden will soon see what she means.