Gardener Story: David Boyce and Sharon Martyn

Brooklyn Centre

David and Sharon both lived in the suburbs but decided they wanted to live in an old house in a friendly neighborhood. They found the perfect house at 4403 Dennison Avenue. The house built in 1896 is in the American Four Square style of design. The house was built for the Storer family who farmed the property. As their children married they built their homes in the area too. Sharon and David's property has been designated a Certified Wildlife Habitat. The requirements to get this certification are that the property needs to provide the four basic elements for wild life to thrive: food, water, cover and a place to raise young. Five other residents of 44th street share this designation.

Two large silver maple trees shade the house in the front. One of the trees has a hollow in the lowest part of the trunk which Sharon calls a fairy house. Children in the neighborhood love to open the door and see the fairies. They are also experimenting with using wooden pallets to grow vegetables. You will find these to the right of the front of the house.  A tree was recently removed from the tree lawn on the left side of the house creating a full sun garden where previously shade plants had grown. Now there are coreopsis, day lillies, false indigo and Shasta daisies enjoying the sun together with a Japanese maple and lilac tree. Three "electric blue" fescues are also in this bed. The pride of this garden is the Secret Garden on the west side of the house. This is a cool, shady area where Sharon has planted four types of moss instead of a lawn. They like to sit here and read or eat meals in the summer. David collects Humpty Dumptys and has a very handsome one in an alcove in the Secret Garden. They plan to set the table using a Hungarian table cloth for GardenWalk guests.