Gail Baker

Gail and her husband have lived in the Larchmere neighborhood for the past 10 years. They love this area because of its diversity of people and diversity of housing styles. It’s a quiet neighborhood where people know and look out for each other. Almost 80% of the plants in Gail’s garden were gifts from people she knows. Her father in law is an expert rose propagator. He gave her many of the roses growing along the side of the house. Gail has a green thumb when it comes to hostas . The hosta plant in the back yard bed were planted only two years ago and are now enormous as are two huge hostas along the drive. Gail has a vegetable garden, compost bin and rain barrel behind the garage. Look out for Daisy, a sweet feral cat they adopted several years ago after she gave birth to a litter of kittens on their front porch. Daisy lives in the garage during cold weather and she has a special “bed” of Cat mint next to the garage in the summer. The inside cat Tori occasionally ventures outside to inspect the plants.

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