Press Release for GardenWalk Cleveland 2013

For Immediate Release – Cleveland, Ohio

May 15, 2013

Contact: Janet Kious

Third Annual GardenWalk Cleveland to take place June 22nd and June 23rd from 11 am to 5 pm.

GardenWalk Cleveland is a free, self-guided tour of more than 200 private gardens, farms, vineyards and orchards in neighborhoods throughout the city of Cleveland. The purpose of GardenWalk Cleveland is to invite people to connect through gardening.

GardenWalk Cleveland is made possible because of generous sponsorship of organizations and individuals committed to connecting people to each other, to nature and to beautifying the city. Visitors can tour at their own pace and will get a unique opportunity to meet people and enjoy a huge variety of gardens and farms in neighborhoods.

Beginning June 12th, maps of the gardens will be available at Petitti’s Garden Centers and Dave’s Markets and on the website,

This year’s GardenWalk features over 200 gardens in these 9 neighborhoods:

  • Hough
  • Detroit Shoreway
  • Larchmere
  • Old Brooklyn
  • Slavic Village
  • Tremont
  • St. Clair Superior
  • Glenville
  • Brooklyn Center

Here are a few quotes from visitors to GardenWalk from previous years:

“I’m often kidded about my East-side mentality and tendency to get lost on the West-side, but today we took in two West-side and one East-side neighborhoods for the terrific Gardenwalk Cleveland and I came away thrilled by the Detroit-Shoreway area in particular.”

“We toured the Detroit-Shoreway and some of the Tremont gardens. Wonderful experience and lots of friendly people. We drove in from Michigan and Sandusky to attend and would do it again. Excellent way to get to know the neighborhoods better and will certainly result in additional trips to frequent local businesses. Outstanding job!"

“I was so impressed with the gardens I saw and the friendliness of the people. There were plants that I had never seen before, creative ways to garden in small spaces and one of the gardeners even gave me a gutting of one of her plants. I can’t wait for next year."


Started in 2011 by Jan Kious and Bobbi Reichtell and each year since then, a group of volunteers plan a weekend to showcase the beauty of Cleveland’s gardens that include private home flower gardens, community gardens, urban farms, vineyards and orchards.

GardenWalk Cleveland has come to be known as a fun, welcoming, and enjoyable experience. It encourages residents to collectively assume responsibility for improving their community that results in the beautification and enhanced quality of life in Cleveland.