Ohio City

Ohio City, just across the Cuyahoga River from downtown, is one of the city's oldest neighborhoods. Incorporated as its own municipality in 1836, it was annexed by Cleveland in 1854. Nineteenth century Victorian-style homes surround the commercial district at Lorain and West 25th known Market Square. The neighborhood’s proximity to downtown has encouraged extensive renovation over the past 30 years making it one of Cleveland’s most dynamic neighborhoods. Ohio City is home to the historic West Side Market. For more on Ohio City visit http://www.OhioCity.org.

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Judy and Jim Bontempo’s garden is like a piece of heaven in the city. Neat stone paths lead from one beautiful space to another. The temperature drops many degrees when one enters the cool lush passages and increases when entering sunny open vegetable garden. Beautiful trees, shrubs, flowers, statues and objects abound.

Imagine an earthen, rectangular impoundment approximately 40 to 50 feet tall stretching from approximately West 38th to West 32nd Street, bounded by Franklin