The land that is now Larchmere was originally a part of Newburgh Township. By the 1870's there were a number of farms along North Woodland Avenue, the original name for Larchmere Boulevard. The area remained rural until 1905 . The 1910's  saw the development of the Larchmere neighborhood when sub developments were laid out and lots were sold for homes. Many of the new homes were occupied by Italians, Hungarians, Germans and Chechs . Over the past two decades new businesses have opened to make the neighborhood one of Cleveland's most successful arts and antiques neighborhoods.

On June 22, starting at 1PM, thirty Larchmere porches will transform into stages for musical performances for their 5th annual PorchFest. For more information

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Gail and her husband have lived in the Larchmere neighborhood for the past 10 years. They love this area because of its diversity of people and diversity of housing styles. It’s a quiet neighborhood where people know and look out for each other. Almost 80% of the plants in Gail’s garden were gifts from people she knows. Her father in law is an expert rose propagator. He gave her many of the roses growing along the side of the house. Gail has a green thumb when it comes to hostas . The hosta plant in the back yard bed were planted only two years ago and are now enormous as are two huge hostas along the drive.

Every inch of Susan’s garden is occupied by a plant, stone, or water feature.  Much of the color is provided by the leaves of the different plants: lime green, silver grey, red, blue green. Sue has no lawn, even the tree lawn is covered by plants.  The back of the property, next to the garage, is shaded, dark and cool. Three white face masks provide a contrast to the dark green leaves and white flowers.  Sue has a beautiful koi pond in the sunnier area close to the house. The pond  is surrounded by perennials and lovely stone paths.

We met Nancy McMillen in her front garden, she was wearing gardener’s knee protectors and clearly in the process of tackling spring clean-up.   She related a long history of gardening in her family when growing up, moving to several locations around the Great Lakes Region and always putting in a vegetable garden.   They settled in Painesville in the 60’s, where Nancy finished high school.   She has been living in the Larchmere area for 15 years and slowly taming and developing this front yard garden.  

 Rosana was 4 years old when she immigrated with her family from Italy. Gardening is in her genes. Her garden is small compared to the field in Italy where her parents grew wine grapes, grain and vegetables for their own meals, but the cold frame on the side of the driveway shows she is serious about growing vegetables. A romantic little path leads to an asparagus patch in the back. Two new apple trees are planted  in the backyard. In spring an exiting variety of tulips bloom in the front and side yard.